Fixer eases the process

When you have to film a small production in Copenhagen or Denmark, you will be in need of a dedicated production fixer.

Our Fixer will help with arrangements of everything throughout the process.
We are experienced, and are able to help your production project. With our organizational skills, your project will run smoothly.

If you need more than a fixer, but also need everything else around the production, then our main business is to provide full scale production service.

We take responsibility

We take care of several of the practicalities as a production fixer. We will perform location scouting, gather location permission, plan meals, arrange transportation and much more. All with a comprehensive understanding of the area and local customs and language.

We have great partnerships and connections throughout Copenhagen. Therefore, we will be able to provide you with high quality service during your production. Our fixers are all very passionate and committed to delivering the best possible service to our clients.

Contact us for a fixer

Throughout the years, we have helped clients from all over the world, when they needed a fixer in Copenhagen or Denmark. When you need to film an interview, photoshoot or another small production, we will be able to help with a solution tailored to your needs. The Scandinavian locations are ideal to create unique, beautiful and atmospheric pictures.

Contact YAKYAK Production Service by mail or phone +45 2083 3820. Our fixer will help your production get through the process smoothly.