Location scout provides
the look of Scandinavia

At YAKYAK Production Service, we are experienced in helping foreign clients with location scouting in Denmark and Scandinavia. If you are in need of a spectacular location for your production, we will be able to help.

Whether you are filming a movie, commercials, doing a fashion shoot or something completely different, our location scout will find the perfect place for you.

We find unique locations

In Denmark and in particular in Copenhagen, you can find many hidden gems. Our location scouts have great experience and a talent for finding the perfect locations.

Denmark consists of various different locations – all with different aesthetics. This makes Denmark a great choice for various media productions. Furthermore, the distances between locations are relatively short, which means that you can film on several locations in a day.


Danish nature, among others, offers open and undisturbed landscapes with meadows, hills and rolling fields. It offers a long coastline, oceans and large windmill farms. It also offers natural beech-oak forests. 


Throughout Denmark you will find a lot of different architectural structures. As an old country with a lot of history, you will find historical buildings, such as churches, royal castles and viking castles.

As a modern country in rapid development, you will also find a lot of modern architecture. Such as the opera house, the royal library and the circular bridge.

Locations that are perfect for commercials

The mixture of historical and modern buildings make Scandinavia the perfect place for shooting high quality commercials. Especially for car commercials, this will be the optimal location.

The car’s features will be highlighted through the unique backgrounds that Denmark can offer. Backgrounds with fascinating architecture and beautiful nature filled with unique colors, materials and patterns. Our location scout will find the perfect locations that will highlight the car’s or your other products features. 

We manage the process

After thorough conversations with our clients and the aesthetic you need for the filming, our location scout will find the most fitting location. We will make sure to gather all relevant permits. We help you through the pre-production process to make your filming process as seamless as possible.

If you need full scale production service or even a fixer for your production, we offer this as well.

We help with all sorts of production and clients. No matter where in the world you are based and how big your project is.

Let us find the right aesthetic

Contact YAKYAK Production Service by mail contact@yakyakproductionservice.dk or phone +45 2083 3820 and let us help with a location scout in Copenhagen and throughout Denmark.