Production Service in Denmark

When you are going to film a movie, commercial, fashion show, social media content or similar media content, we are ready to help you with full scale production service. Our production service has the capability of servicing any type of media production in every scale and capacity. When you need to film in Denmark or in Scandinavia, we have the proper equipment and crew to take care of your production. We have substantial experience in helping our foreign clients seamlessly through production in Denmark.


We can provide full scale film production service suited to your business’ every need. We will cast roles and extras, scout and prepare the locations, provide the technical crew and equipment of cameramen and lighting, as well as everything else regarding the production. This means that we are accountable for the process and want to make sure that you, as a client, are comfortable throughout the production.


100% passionate about production service

We have experienced location scouts who have a special ability to find the most fitting locations in Copenhagen, Denmark and throughout Scandinavia. 

As Scandinavians, we have very high work ethics and standards that we put into every single project, no matter the extent of the project.

Our passion for production service is what drives us. Our ambition is to bring your concept to life, using Danish and Scandinavian locations suited to your needs.

Dedication and a creative mindset

We have local knowledge and know the Scandinavian workflows. Therefore, we will be able to help your production by saving time.

In Denmark we will find the locations that fit your production the best. Throughout Denmark, you will find different types of areas with numerous options for your media production. You will find everything from old historical buildings, peaceful fields, a great coastline to forests and modern architecture.
The Danish and Scandinavian traditions, culture, history and fashion will shine bright through the screen of your production.

Contact us for professional help

By using YAKYAK Production Service you get a professional production service company with thorough knowledge of the Scandinavian way and unique Scandinavian look.

Together we will find the solution that fits you the best. Whether it is full scale production service, or a fixer for a small project. We help both local and foreign clients, no matter where you are based. You can contact us by mail or phone +45 2083 3820.

The latest equipment

We always use the latest and most professional equipment ensuring to fulfill your expectations.

Dedicated Danish crew

Danish film crews are considered some of the best and most pleasant in the world. Education and experience ensure professional and efficient work from A to Z – compared to many other countries.

Logistic aid

We can help you with any logistic needs you might have for your production. You can leave all the practicalities to us – from technicalities to hotels and flight schedules. All without any extra costs via our partners.

Succesfull shooting

We will handle your production with dedication and professionalism regardless of the size of your project. We work with people from all over the world and are specialists in finding solutions that fit your needs and provide great production value while shooting in Scandinavia.

Dazzling drones

We provide highly skilled drone pilots at short notice. Drone shooting requires permits and compliance of safety regulations such as control of the ground beneath – and of course we can easily guide you through obtaining permits fast.

Great infrastructure

Denmark has a fantastic and effective infrastructure, bringing you from modern cities to the beautiful countryside in a short time. This adds a lot of flexibility to your production and great overall value and experience.

Fast gained permits

Shooting permits are very easily obtained in Denmark – usually within a few days. Our close correspondence with the municipality gives us a lot of flexibility when it comes to closing down larger streets for example.

Sustainable shooting

We want to run an eco friendly business. That is why we collaborate with Vision Denmark, who take great efforts to reduce the environmental and climate impact of the film industry. Our practices are as sustainable as possible throughout the production process. From using green energy to sustainable transport. We also prioritize serving climate friendly food based on organic ingredients and in places where we need disposable cups and cutlery, we use the biodegradable options.