All budgets are based on transparency and cost-plus basis with the overhead marked on the budget summary page.
After each production a wrap budget will be forwarded to the client with a final invoice.

In events when a wrap full wrap book is requested. Such notification must be given prior to confirming budget.

A fee of Euro 1.000,- will be added to the invoice for a full complete wrap book


Overtime and salaries are calculated as follows:
Day rate is calculated on a 8 hour day with 30 min paid lunch, creating a division factor of 7.5 of dayrate
9 and 10th hour: 25%
11th hour: 100%
12th hour: 150%
Above 12 hours 200%
For working hours from 00.00 – 06:00 am a surcharge of 200 Dkkr is added / hour
Working hours from 18:00 – 24:00 pm a surcharge of 100 Dkkr is added / hour.

Calltime is calculated from meeting at location if within Copenhagen greater area.
For crew members who pick up equipment/gear calltime / wrap Is calculated from door to door incl. packing and returning equipment

Lunch rules:
3-5 hours after call time crew is entitled to a 45 min lunch break.
5 hours after lunch the crew is entitled to a 30 min dinner break.
Penalty is a 45 minutes x 75% surcharge of hourly fee.

Turnaround is 11 hours

Transport hours (Starting after 10 hours) are calculated as 75% hours

Weekend penalty:
Working on a bank holiday or either a Saturday OR Sunday a 75% of the daily fee is added
In the event that both Saturday and Sunday are working days, a 100% fee of the daily rate will be added / day

Payment terms

First 50% of the contract price will be paid by money transfer upon signing of contract/minimum seven days before the commencement of the shoot.

40% of the contract price will be paid by money transfer on commencement of first shooting day. Final 10% to be paid by money transfer upon delivery of final master.

In the case of a production to be completed in 21 days or less from the date of commissioning, the Production Company will be entitled to be paid 75% of the contract sum on signature of the contract. 15% on commencement of first shooting day and final 10% upon completion of the production and approval of materials supplied.

All invoices will be issued in Danish Kroner (DKK)


Insurance is covering damages caused by employees of YAKYAK Production Service only. Damages made by third party and or people hired by client is not covered by this production insurance. All expenses / damages is for client’s account. In case of insurance usage, deductible will be invoiced separately.

All insurance claims have a minimum coverage of DKKR 6.000 to be covered by the client

Social charges

Social charges is a charge paid to the state covering the workers vacation and pension fund, which is a mandatory charge all employers have to pay directly to the state.

It is based as a 14% of the final total salary paid to the employee.

Crew insurance

As per the law, all companies have to have a mandatory insurance covering the employees working with the company calculated as a 2% of the salary.

This insurance is mandatory and must be paid. Even in cases when the client is having their own insurance covering all staff, this insurance is mandatory.


(The General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679)
All data we may have or collect will only be used for communicating with you in regards to newsletters or other relevant information No data or information’s will be sold or shared with third party.

For all employees of YAKYAK Production Service we will store your data (CPR) with our supplier Danløn A/S as they are handling all salary certificates and payments. Your data will be stored on a encrypted system at their end and only at their facility. YAKYAK Production Service will delete your personal data once they have been submitted to Danløn.

For all contract holders, YAKYAK Production Service will store all information’s from your contracts on a secure encrypted PDF for up to 5 years after end of airing of the film(s) / stills in case the contracts need to be re-negotiated or there should be any issues arising, in regards to the usage of the material.

In the event that you do not want us to store any of your details, kindly contact us on  with the subject: GDPR and we will immediately delete your data.

Bank and payment details

YAKYAK Production Service
Flæsketorvet 38B 1st
DK 1711 Copenhagen V

Int Tax ID: 38761552

Danske Bank A/S
Account: 3409 12413513
IBAN: DK8930000012413513